Household Membership: costs $70.00 and includes the head of household, spouse, co-inhabitants of a single residence and dependent persons living at the residence.
Individual membership: costs $55.00 and covers a person living in a single residence.

Subscription is open to residents, visitors, and employees in the Gregg, Haines, Miles, Penn and Potter Townships and Centre Hall and Millheim Boroughs.  Our current charges for an emergency call averages $750.00 for a Basic Life Support (BLS) transport and $1,200.00 for an Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport.

Penns Valley EMS uses a Third Party Billing Company to bill health or automotive insurance companies.  Third Party billing is a program that provides reimbursement for ambulance services.  The reimbursement is based on services rendered to patients before the patient reaches the hospital. Penns Valley EMS submits claims to your insurer if you need to use our ambulance service.  You should subscribe even if you have Medicare or other insurances, because your insurance may not cover the entire bill.  Therefore, even with insurance, you may have to pay a portion of the bill out of pocket.   In the event that your insurance carrier only pays for a portion of the charges, you are responsible for the balance. However, as a subscriber, if the insurance company only pays for part of the claim, the Subscriber is not charged anything further.


Your subscription covers the BLS charges on emergency (911) transports only.    The ALS portion of the bill is not covered by the subscription. Non-emergency transports are not covered with this membership.

Checks sent to you, the subscriber that is for payment for ambulance services rendered should be endorsed on the back and mailed immediately to:
Penns Valley Emergency Medical Service
c/o Enhanced Management Services
PO Box 90
Danville, Pa 17821
You also now have the ability to make payments on line at  This site will allow you to provide insurance information, make a payment, or be contacted to set up a payment plan.

While the majority of our revenue comes from Third Party billing, the money received from subscriptions is our next largest source of income.  This enables us to purchase new equipment and maintain our ambulance vehicles much more effectively.  The subscription provides the residents an opportunity to assist us in equipping our three ambulances with the finest equipment available and maintaining our headquarters.

*This program is not an insurance product and this is not an offer for the sale of an insurance policy.  This offer is not applicable to Medical Assistance recipients.  Subscription is not a contract for the provision of emergency or non-emergency services at any specific time, and all services are subject to availability. Services may be provided by a mutual aid service during period in which Penns Valley EMS may be unavailable, and Penns Valley EMS assumes no responsibility for the charges of such substitute providers, including Advanced Life Support services.  Terms of Penns Valley EMS membership program may be subject to changes without prior notice.

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